Water Separator Tank
The water separator tanks are oil-water separators, which are utilized for separating the water and oil from a mix of liquids. Water separator tanks are used for several industrial setting and agricultural applications so that water can be removed from 
Filtration Unit
We are dealing in filtration units, which work as the indispensable tools for maintaining the purity as well as quality and of several liquids as well as gases in many industries. The units are applicable for the process of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Sewage Treatment Plants

Offered Sewage Treatment Plants allow for the absolute removal of large solids, such as rags, grit and sticks. The plants have an advanced treating processes such as screening, skimming and settling.

Inbuilt Flocculator With Lamella Settler

Inbuilt Flocculator With Lamella Settler supplied by us is an advanced type of wastewater treatment system which has been combined with several processes to remove contaminants from wastewater in an effective way. It has been included with a series of inclined plates to make a large settling area.

Pipe Flocculator

We are dealing in pipe flocculator, which is a sort of water treatment equipment suited for the process of coagulation as well as flocculation. It is effective in treating water and wastewater by taking out the impurities such as turbidity, suspended solids, and color.

Steel TPI Separators

Steel TPI separators we deal in are commonly demanded for the oil and gas industry. These are apt for the separation of water and crude oil, fluid mixtures, natural gas and water, and many others. These have low maintenance requirements, high efficiency and compact design.

Dissolved Air Flotation System

The Dissolved Air Flotation System we deal in has the ability to remove contaminants from wastewater as well as other liquids. The said system is highly suitable for effective reuse and discharge into the environment.

Pipe Flocculator System

We are dealing in pipe flocculator system, which is accessible with an advanced treatment process. This is apt for removing the suspended particles from water. The pipes are arranged in a zigzag pattern, through which the water makes a flow.

Lamella Settler

We are dealing in Lamella Settler, which is of highly compact as well as efficient design. It is demanded for the industries of limited space. This is a low-maintenance option as it has zero moving parts, which makes it less prone to mechanical collapses.

Carbon Canister

The carbon canister we offer is a device which can capably capture as well as store harmful emissions and vapors from the vehicle's fuel system. This is functional as the advanced evaporative emissions control system.

API Separators

API separators are widely demanded for the oil & gas industry for the separation of oil, water, and solids from crude oil, produced water, and refinery wastewater. These separators are the large tanks which make use of gravity for the separation of the different components.

Oil Skimmer & Internals

We are dealing in oil skimmers, which are the devices, which have been made to remove oil from the surface of a liquid, typically water. It works by using a belt or other material.

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